Next2New Automotive Sales & Service Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD offers free loaner cars while your repairs are being completed. They are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and require a minimum repair of $150.00 or greater to qualify. Some exceptions will be made! All free Loaner cars must be kept within city limits. All free loaner cars are smoke free. If your repair qualifies for a free loaner car, we will schedule your repair so that a car is available for you.

Can anyone have a free loaner car?

In order to qualify for a free loaner car your repair must be a minimum of $150.00 or greater or your wait must be longer than an hour. You must have a valid Driver’s License with full coverage insurance and be over the age of 25. No exceptions will be made.

Who is responsible for damage to the free loaner car?

You and your insurance company are responsible for any damage done to the loaner car.

How long can I keep the free loaner car?

As our customer you are able to keep the free loaner car as long as your vehicle is at our facility being repaired. Due to the high demand for our free loaner cars, we ask that you return the car to Next2New Automotive Sales & Service Inc. no later than 24 hours after Next2New Automotive Sales & Service Inc. has notified you that your repairs are complete. In order to provide the same level of service for all our customers, we must charge $50.00/day beyond the 24 hour period.

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